About Me

I am an experienced consultant and advisor, helping enterprise clients globally with building and maintaining their digital marketing and commerce platforms. I have a deep insight into the competencies involved in the complete governance model, including technical, editorial and analytics and by leveraging this insight I believe that I can help clients optimize business value from their digital platform.
My main skills include quickly grasping business objectives and complex problems and keeping my eyes on those while seeking solutions and seeing the greater perspective.

I am a 5 year consecutive Sitecore MVP award winner, and have worked intensively with the platform from the very beginning.

After working as a team lead, manager, director and CTO for several years, I believe that the foundation for great solutions lie in collaboration and communication between people.

Skills include:
– Sitecore CMS, Digital Marketing System and Customer Engagment Platform
– Digital Marketing Governance
– Microsoft .NET Architecture and development
– e-Commerce
– Database architecture and integrations
– Team management and motivation
– Development processes and application life cycle management
– Technical sales and presentation
– User experience and interaction design
– Digital analytics and social media

Since 2000 I worked as a developer, team lead, consultant and eventually manager, director and CTO at Pentia, the founding company of Sitecore. In 2014 I moved with my family to Sydney Australia where I took a position as Solution Architect at Sitecore Australia and New Zealand.