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Sitecore Lucene index viewer 1.2 released

Last week I was contacted by the Sitecore Shared Source coordinator Jimmie Overby and he told me that a guy in the Sitecore Ukraine office had made some changes to the Sitecore Lucene IndexViewer, I released some time ago. At first I was a bit sceptic about it, so I asked to review the code changes and see the new functionality. So I installed the new package and looked through the code, and I discovered that the Sitecore Ukranian Vyacheslav Tronko (don’t ask me to pronounce it:)) had done a fantastic job!

Not only had he added some very nice features but he had rewritten some of the code so the application is more stable and extendable. So I really appreciate his work!

The new features are:

  • Possibility to browse indexes defined in the new search section in the web.config
  • Rebuild indexes through the IndexViewer (which is really nice, as you can’t rebuild the new type of indexes any other way)
  • Optimize indexes.
  • Improved usability and look-and-feel of the application

So go take a look at the changes at 

If you want to see some screenshots of the new features, take a look here

What I would like to add next, is extended search functionality.


2 thoughts on “Sitecore Lucene index viewer 1.2 released

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  2. Ali says:

    Hi Jens,

    The IndexViewer 1.2 looks great! Thanks for building it.

    I am having an issue with the Documents Tab however. In the Overview Tab, all of the fields show up in the Available Fields section, but when I go to view the individual documents, I only see 3 fields for all documents; _url, _group and _name. Have you encountered this issue?

    My Index definition if below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    [index id=”mySiteIndex” singleInstance=”true” type=”Sitecore.Search.Index, Sitecore.Kernel”]
    [param desc=”name”]$(id)[/param]
    [param desc=”folder”]__mySiteIndex[/param]
    [Analyzer ref=”search/analyzer” /]
    [locations hint=”list:AddCrawler”]
    [master type=”Sitecore.Search.Crawlers.DatabaseCrawler, Sitecore.Kernel”]
    [Tags]master content[/Tags]
    [include hint=”list:IncludeTemplate”]

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