Sitecore MVP event at Dreamcore Europe 2010

Dreamcore Europe 2010 - Sitecore MVP event

Pentia Professional Services and the Sitecore MVP’s of Pentia, invites all Sitecore MVP’s to attend an evening event before the Dreamcore 2010 by Sitecore conference – and absolute free.

The purpose of the night is primarily networking and social get-together, but during the evening we will provide an opportunity for you to share your best case stories, as well as join in a roundtable discussion on the future of the Sitecore platform, e.g. covering topics such as: “In which direction do we want Sitecore to move“, “What are the successes and failures of the Sitecore platform today“.

The event will take place Tuesday the 18th of May at 5pm, the evening before the Dreamcore conference. It is hosted at Pentia’s charming domicile located a stone-throw from the Dreamcore venue, and is concluded by a dinner at Copenhagen’s premiere steak gourmet restaurant, MASH.
Sign up now for the Sitecore Dreamcore MVP event
If you are a Sitecore MVP, and want to get together with your peers and discuss the platform you love – Sitecore – then sign up now!

Read more on the agenda, venue and how to signup, at the Pentia website.


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