What TODO?

When developing solutions and you stumble upon an issue, you want to return to, it is a good idea to mark this with some kind of TODO tag. We normally do this in a comment and then browse it with the TODO-explorer in Resharper.

The other day exploring the Sitecore API through the reflector, I found Sitecores way of marking TODOs. I was looking at the SiteResolver and then found the following line of code in the Process method:

Todo.OT("Optimize - takes almost 2 ms.", false);

While laughing I thought…. Hmmmm should I contact ?

It seems that Sitecore has a class called Sitecore.Todo with a method for each developer and it is not removed when releasing new versions of Sitecore. The above line probably reminds Ole Thrane that he should take a closer look at the SiteResolver.

Much better then resharper…  Or? J


6 thoughts on “What TODO?

  1. Eldblom says:

    Well, Sitecore has a few of these quirks.
    See also the essential methods Sitecore.MainUtil.False() and Sitecore.MainUtil.True() which, yes, returns false and true 🙂

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