Sitecore vs. Sharepoint

Just read a really good series of posts from Julius Ganns in Germany. The series is a developer-centric view of the differences between Microsot Sharepoint and Sitecore CMS, covering the strengths and weaknesses in the two products.

Although Julius works with netzkern, a German Sitecore partner and training center, the series is fairly objective and I would consider a must-read for all you people in the Sitecore/Sharepoint community interested in where Sitecore/Sharepoint can help you.

You can find the series here.

Good work Julius – looking forward to the next post.


9 thoughts on “Sitecore vs. Sharepoint

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  2. Yasser Harazi says:


    I have a project for developing a website (aprox. 1000 pages) on the internet and I need to select SiteCore or SharePoint (no experience on both) . I’m interested on SiteCore I went through the demos and SDN, from your experience how long (time frame) to develop my site on SiteCore compared to SharePoint?

  3. Eldblom says:

    Sitecore CMS is a true Web Content Management system, and has forces in flexibility, integration and usability. I would highly recommend choosing Sitecore if your site is a internet facing website with relatively few editors.
    Sharepoint is a really good collaboration platform and has its forces in data and document management. So if collaboration between many (MANY) editors is an issue, this is a really good platform. I cannot claim to be an expert on Sharepoint, but from what I hear from most developers, Sharepoint has a rather steep learning curve (compare Julius’s posts, e.g.!457F4BDBA1A371A5!309.entry), and therefore there is a significant investment in startup. The similar task in Sitecore is nowhere near as frightening, and is really mostly a matter of insight into ASP.NET.

    Sorry about the vague reply, but I hope you have something to go on. I’ll be more than happy to look more into your solution – just contact our Pentia Professional Services (

  4. Yasser Harazi says:

    Thnaks for the replay, one last question, i was told thata if picked the sharepoint CMS i need my production to have to Sharepoint hosting (MOSS 2007 installed on production!! this means licsense for development and one production. Does sitecore needs the same configration?! can i install sitecore on development do my work then push it to production on regaler Windows2003 server (my production)?

    Where can I find trail version of sitecore, nothing on SiteCore website for a trial version?

  5. Bobby says:

    I totally agree 100%. Sharepoint is terrible for a developer. If you can deal with the huge limitations out of the box and don’t have to do any coding or customization, OK. Otherwise, you’re better off using another platform. There are so many nuances and bugs within the API, and there are so many different areas and tools that need to be learned and navigated that it makes Sharepoint custom development difficult both to learn and debug. My conclusion:

    Sharepoint: simple to use out of the box, impossible to customize.

    Although my company is a big advocate of Sharepoint and I’m the main Sharepoint developer for my company, I hate it with a passion and try to steer clear of it and recommend against it as much as possible. It’s much faster for me both in the SHORT and LONG run to create custom applications than dive into that mess of a platform.

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