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I just attended an official Sitecore 6 presentation held here in Copenhagen by Sitecore Denmark (Presentations here –in Danish). The Sitecore 6 content was mildly entertaining, but can all be read on the SDN. What was really interesting though, was the presented roadmap for future Sitecore versions – one of the first I’ve ever seen for the Sitecore product.

The next release will be Q1 2009 and is codenamed “Twin Peaks”. According to Sitecore, this will be a minor release primarily focused on scalability, i.e. clustering of the master/editing servers and transactional publish. This will allow Sitecore to run live mode (no publishing) on a scaled environment as well as allowing partial clearing of the caches. These features are super important for the Sitecore product and something I’m personally looking very much forward to.

After “Twin Peaks” comes “Everest” – Q2 2009. As I see it, a version which is primarily defined by the marketing division of Sitecore. It is planned to include personalization, analytics and reporting features – nice features, but not something I as developer and architect is going to lie sleepless in anticipation over. That said, I’m sure we’ll all experience more user driven and personalized websites in the future which means that Sitecore is delivering.

Not included in the roadmap was “Massif”, which rumor says is going to contain database and content scaling – the ability to have thousands of items on one leaf in the hierarchy. For me this is the big one – imagine not having to force one hierarchical view on to parts of your data. For example, in current versions of Sitecore we are forced to group the news data of a solution after date, category or something other. But then if the date on the news item changes, we have to move the item to another folder or what if news can have multiple categories… Hopefully “Massif” will help us out on this, allowing items to be created in one big pile and extracted using indexing.

Conclusion: Good job, Sitecore – please bring more roadmaps in the future!


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