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Shared Source Modules

Great! Sitecore has extended its platform for its shared source modules on sdn. Now they offer Subversion and Trac, so that we all can help make the modules even better. That I am able to influence the modules directly, makes me seriously consider using one of these modules next time.
The logical question is: why not extend this with all the official modules? It’s not like the code is obfuscated or anything, so we can look into it anyway – and this way we can all contribute to making the Sitecore product even better.


4 thoughts on “Shared Source Modules

  1. Hi Thomas,

    We are seriously considering this approach. However, we do not feel the modules are in a quality and state that is suitable for setting it up as a shared source project, – but definitly… at a later stage this is absolutely possible that these too will be shared source, – or at least for the most part.

  2. Eldblom says:

    The LDAP module is absolutely also one of my immediate choices for shared source. Setting it up is a nuisance, and troubleshooting is even worse. Being able to debug would be such a huge help.

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