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Crestone Beta

If you didn’t know it, Crestone is the “codename” for the next version of Sitecore, and today I noticed you could sign up for the Crestone Beta Program. You can be a Crestone beta tester, that is!

Well I signed up and hope to be selected for the program. Exciting to see what the developers have come up with. Especially Im looking forward to have a look at the new security engine. Further it’s very nice that the next version of Sitecore has an actual beta fase. Hopefully this will ensure, that most bugs are handled before an actual release.

One thing though… You have to sign up via fax! What?!? Cutting edge technology CMS vendor Sitecore couldn’t make an online sign up form? Well it made me laugh. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Crestone Beta

  1. Jens Mikkelsen says:

    You could’ve had an electronical sign up, and then if you were accepted for the program, then require a signature for the NDA. Would have been a bit smoother 😉

  2. That’s right. But then, some would get accepted, and when asked to sign, they might refuse, – or perhaps just might down-prioritize sending the NDA.

    We prefer that we can select through those who we’re sure can go ahead and who are indeed willing to sign an NDA.

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