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For a while, Pentia has been working on a new Forum module for Sitecore. As some of you might know there are some licensing issues which causes problems with the current Community Server based implementation.
As thing are looking now, the new Forum module will be based on YetAnotherForum.NET, a .NET/MSSQL based open-source discussion forum or bulletin board system. This means that the source code for the forum system, which is licensed as GPL, will be distributed along with the module.
Hopefully this will spread as a trend within the Sitecore modules, as one of problems I often face is trying to get the restrained standard modules to work the way I, or rather the customer, wants or expects it to behave. What I find, is that we Sitecore developers today face the option of using the modules and the module functionality as is, or to code the functionality from scratch.
I truely hope that the future Sitecore modules will be more flexible and open – perhaps even the source 🙂


2 thoughts on “Open source modules

  1. spunkyp says:

    Great news. Sitecore perhaps is beginning to recognize the value of opensource. Sitecore Xpress is an example of this, yes?!

  2. Jens Mikkelsen says:

    Well Sitecore Xpress isn’t actually open source. It’s more a “free version” of Sitecore that encourage developers to play around. However I heard rumours about Sitecore releasing some of their modules for open source.

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